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planeus – software for production planning

simple. intuitive. effective.
Create visibility on the shop floor

planeus production planning

Plan easier – Plan better

With our innovative production planning software you get more transparency in your manufacturing. All employees have an overview. Utilisation increases. Throughput times decrease. Deadlines are adhered to. In short, you have everything you need for an efficient production planning solution. And all on the Cloud: No Software. No Hardware. No Stress.

Transparency for everyone – Always know what‘s going on!

The planeus Principle: All employees receive the right information, to which they can immediately respond. This improves team interaction: Decentralised coordination instead of centralised planning!

Make the right decisions – Based on current data

With the Dashboard you are always up-to-date, to make informed decisions. Regardless of whether you work in an office or want to access your tablet while on the move.

Keep track of things – Always and everywhere!

The Workbench: The effective and paperless type of production data logging. Engage your employees: Bring the right information directly to your employees and their workplace.