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5 Manufacturing Challenges to Expect in 2022

From supply chains to the end market, the harsh reality has created manufacturing challenges globally and forced even more businesses to face the upcoming challenges.

Manufacturers should expect the following 5 manufacturing challenges in the year 2022:

  • Manufacturing going domestic
  • Skilled labor getting difficult to hire
  • Labor burden management is more important than ever
  • Looking for and Training Fresh Staff

Challenge 1: Manufacturing going domestic

The pandemic in the past two years has given us a lesson: An international supply chain might not be a definitive answer for all manufacturing models. As a result, relocation is now a hot topic for manufacturers around the world. And as more businesses are moving back onshore, competition is now getting more and more fierce in the local market, putting stress on production efficiency and capacity utilization.

Feeling the urge to improve their manufacturing process, many manufacturers are seeking production software that could aid them to stay competitive. Yet, a lot of these applications either require huge financial commitment or come with complicated installation processes.

Challenge 2: Skilled labor getting difficult to hire

Since 2021, the labor shortage has been the main problem looming above manufacturers. According to a UK survey, over 50% of manufacturers said they have lost skilled workers over the past 18 months. And over 60% of them said it has been difficult to recruit new skilled staff.

Understaffed factories and shop floors are now common sights. To compensate for the hard-to-fill vacancies and the skyrocketing labor wages, manufacturers have to find new and smarter ways to fully utilize production capacities and reduce inefficiencies.

Different teams, including workers, managers and production planning work together to face Manufacturing Challenges in 2022.
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Challenge 3: Labor burden management is more important than ever

Since skilled labor is becoming scarce in the market, many manufacturers feel the urge to ensure their staff a moderate amount of work as well as an ideal working environment. Fortunately, the technology has already caught up to such needs. Manufacturers can now have better control over the processes and can significantly reduce the manpower needed for daily operations and regain flexibility to staff deployment.

Production planning software — synchronized with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors and other automated solutions — can automatically update the manufacturing status and plan for managers and planners in real-time.

And even better, at a reasonable cost, these solutions are now available not only to large production companies but also to small to middle-sized manufacturers. 

Challenge 4: Looking for and Training Fresh Staff

Due to the increasing difficulty to find skilled workers through the traditional way, from recruiting in job fairs to hiring fresh graduates, many businesses need to consider other routes for fresh blood outside the industry.

This has also led to the problem of proper worker training.

Training these young, new entrants is a surprisingly stressful process because they are not used to the older software from the 2000s or the early 2010s, which is still heavily in use today. Navigating through interfaces would be more challenging than expected for them, not to mention mastering the software within a short time (some even have to learn the ropes remotely).

Instead, these new entrants are more familiar with intuitive interfaces that are on everyone’s smartphones and tablets. Therefore, many smart and popular manufacturing software often come with a similar design to make training more streamlined and easier for fresh staff.

Workers and Managers working as a team to face Manufacturing Challenges in 2022.
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Challenge 5: Uncertain Times Calls for Scalabilities

We’re facing many uncertainties as the world is still steadily going on the path to recovery.

But there is one thing for sure — The ability of a business to quickly transition to growth is the key to preparing for the post-corona world. And this is where cloud-based solutions would shine.

According to a 2020 survey from Harvard Business Review, 83% of survey respondents say cloud computing is “very or extremely important” to their organizations’ future strategy and growth.

Cloud-based software is powerful for businesses that wish to start small but grow their business over time — without going through painful and costly system changes. For example, if manufacturers need to add new production lines, add more users, or even more functions to their system, they can simply add more modules, and users and install plug-ins and integrations as they go.

With that said, cloud-based is now the decisive feature for many manufacturers investing in manufacturing management software to cope with manufacturing challenges.

Take on 2022 with Your Best Production Plan

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