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Software Produktionsplanung
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Stop using PCs! Why the right input device is critical for manu­facturing success

Many manufacturing projects failed because they were seen as “office work”.

It’s like: “Here’s a PC, you know how to use it, nothing can go wrong” Or perhaps with a pile of user manuals weighed in tons, a week-long training, or a hellish “boot camp”. And THIS — is exactly how a software integration should NOT work.

Your employees are now standing in front of the machines, wide-eyed and needed to figure everything themselves. Some of them might need extra training, and some already have questions about certain functions. But you, the person in charge, are already needed somewhere!

The main reason behind such popularity, especially among manufacturers, is apparent: SaaS systems only require esIn the end, if no one knows how to operate the system — no one can start working efficiently!

Is that your system’s fault? Not really. But the participation of the employees is the true, necessary key to success.

Let’s make your manufacturing process a little bit more human, toss out those old-fashioned PCs, and switch to tablets and smartphones – which your employees have already been using every day!

Also, do your employees a favor — use software with intuitive interface and user-friendly features, just like our production planning software, planeus!

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