5 Steps to achieve Lean Manufacturing in a short time

24. August 2023 | Reading Time: 7 min

“Lean” is a term we’ve all heard before and it’s still widely talked about. And rightfully so! Because it describes a basic principle of our daily actions. In simple terms,…

User Story: ALDAWLIA – Maher Shebita & Co

9. August 2023 | Reading Time: 5 min

About ALDAWLIA – Maher Shebita & Co Established in 1976, ALDAWLIA – Maher Shebita & Co. has solidified its reputation as one of Egypt’s most renowned private manufacturing, trading, and…

Customer Story: Held GmbH

7. June 2023 | Reading Time: 3 min

About Held GmbH Held GmbH is a German bike fashion company that has been designing and manufacturing high-quality motorcycle gear and accessories for over 70 years. Its product range includes…

Meet our Team: Q&A with Onboarding Expert Özgür

11. May 2023 | Reading Time: 5 min

Hello Özgür! Can you introduce yourself and your role? Özgür: Sure! I am Özgür and the Onboarding Expert at th data. I am in charge of the training, the planning…

Photo of a large production hall with integrated material warehouse

Why is Material Requirements needed in Production Planning?

4. April 2023 | Reading Time: 3 min

What is a MRP process? Material Requirements Planning is the way to calculate the materials you need to start a production.To manage the huge number of materials in storage, many…

3 Objectives that Every Manufacturer Must Be Ready For in 2023

13. January 2023 | Reading Time: 3 min

In this ever-changing year of 2023, we’re facing various challenges following the war in Europe, the coming end of the global pandemic, ongoing supply chain disruption and worker shortage.  As…

Photo of a production line in long exposure

How to Reduce your Throughput Time? (with multiple examples)

19. December 2022 | Reading Time: 14 min

A lean, reduced throughput time has been every manufacturer’s dream. However, in reality, reducing throughput time is not a one-stop process but requires step-by-step progressive planning and the participation of every…

Photo of an assembly line from above with solar panels and robot arm.

What are the Differences between Throughput Time, Lead Time and Cycle Time? – Definitions & Examples

15. December 2022 | Reading Time: 5 min

Production is the race against time for manufacturing businesses. A slight delay of a department or a machine running a little over time may seem insignificant. Still, these small delays…

Abstract image with connected lines: weclapp as an interface between planeus and styleGreen

weclapp+planeus Integration: Bring your ERP to the Next Level!

21. November 2022 | Reading Time: 5 min

weclapp users – Beware! Your new, integrated production planning solution is here! For quite some time, we have been receiving many inquiries about integrating our production planning solution planeus to…

2 employees wearing helmets and high-visibility waistcoats stand in a production hall surrounded by question marks and various icons

8 Myths of Production Planning

2. November 2022 | Reading Time: 4 min

Production planning is the topic for all manufacturing businesses. While some still fall behind with Excel spreadsheets or the old pen & paper, forward-thinking businesses have used modern, easy-to-use solutions…