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Customer Story: Held GmbH

About Held GmbH

Held GmbH is a German bike fashion company that has been designing and manufacturing high-quality motorcycle gear and accessories for over 70 years. Its product range includes leather and textile jackets, gloves, pants, boots, and race suits, which are all designed and tested to meet the highest safety standards to ensure they can withstand the harsh demands of real-world riding.

With the durability and quality of its products, Held has simply won the hearts of both casual riders and professional racers around the world.

The Challenge

Before adopting planeus, our team, especially our production manager, had been struggling with the constant challenge of manually sequencing and arranging the daily production orders.

Stefan Held, Managing Director of Held GmbH

For Held, it was challenging to maintain a clear insight into the order priorities due to the absence of a Production Planning & Control (PPC) system. They were facing difficulties in managing and organizing their production processes, as well as tracking and allocating critical production resources.

Without a production overview, there were many times when Held would be double-planning their production steps, and worse, making a product twice, wasting time, material, and capacity at their workstations.

Thankfully, by adapting the planeus system in their production, these problems were very quickly solved.

Automated Delivery Date Estimation

Every time the user sets up a production order in planeus, the system will instantly show the estimated delivery dates and arrange the orders based on Held’s manufacturing preferences, allowing the workers to focus on completing their planned orders without worrying about order management at all.

When orders come, no longer we need that many internal meetings to coordinate, because we can track our production status in planeus at anytime, anywhere.

This is especially helpful as we not only manage the production in Germany but also the production site abroad.

Schedule Adherence Reports

In addition, planeus has given Held the ability to continuously optimize their On-Time Delivery KPI via the Reporting functionalities. Held can now constantly oversee their delivery performance in the Schedule Adherence Report and receive accurate and measurable results to their optimized production planning.

We can now track the actual times taken from the shop floor feedback of various departments, and compare them with our predefined target times – All these have already increased our on-time delivery rate by over 30%!

The Result

With the recently vacated capacity, Held is now better prepared than ever to respond to situations of production under- or overloads and adjust its plan accordingly.

Overall, planeus is truly a powerful tool for our production. We are also very satisfied that the team behind planeus often takes in customer wishes and implements them as new features in the system.

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In conclusion, Held greatly benefited from implementing the planeus system in their production processes, reflecting their commitment to improvement and delivering top-quality biker fashion products to motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.

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