Choose the right edition for your company. planeus for teams or planeus Enterprise


99 €

per package / month
Up to 3 User

Billed annually

Up to 20 active resources and 40 order positions per month

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  • Gantt chart with order and resource view
  • Higher-level project planning
  • Backwards and forwards production scheduling
  • Collecting order data
  • Master data with articles and work schedules

Additional module (Optional)
Shop floor data collection

  • Up to 5 users, 25 EUR / User


169 €

per package / month
Up to 10 Users

Billed annually

Up to 40 active resources and 80 order positions per month

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Essential + Professional

  • Gap lists to enter production interferences
  • Import of order data and master data

Most popular edition

Additional module (Optional)
Shop floor data collection
Standard or Start-Stop

  • Up to 10 users, 35 EUR / User

249 €

per package / month
Unlimited Users

Billed annually


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Professional + Collaboration

  • Configurable dashboard
  • The conflict radar shows at an early stage where action is needed
  • Automated import features for order data and article data, customer data
  • Reporting
  • Additional features available by request

Additional module (Optional)
Shop floor data collection
Standard or Start-Stop

  • Unlimited users, 40 EUR / User

planeus Enterprise

Your own customizations integrated into planeus for your entire company via
Cloud workspace or on-premise. Maximum security for your data.

Enterprise Edition

Personal consultation
for your contract

Personal solution for your company

  • Functions
  • We integrate planeus into your system landscape. Whether automated interfaces or full integration. Everything is possible with planeus.
  • Design your individual processes into the planeus system: Take advantage of our expertise and the planeus operation for your individual requirements.
  • Processes, views and fields can be adapted to your company.
  • We create reports and evaluations according to your wishes. Generate full transparency for all involved employees.
  • Security
  • For on-premise solutions, planeus offers a single-sign-on (active directory) feature. Users are automatically logged in with their Windows username.
  • Always encrypted: On request, we implement the encryption of the database.
  • Support
  • Our consultation team will assist you in the conception and implementation of your planeus projects.
  • Benefit from over 20 years of our expertise in the production environment.
  • Our friendly support team in Berlin is there when you need us. On request, you will receive a personal contact point.
  • Experienced project managers will look after you during and after the project implementation. This ensures that you can reach your company´s optimum potential today and in the future.