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Interconnected Shop Floor Management

Screenshot of the classic workbench: overview of all worker feedback with filter settings and informative icons on the status of the machines

Workbench is the new evolution of integrated Shop Floor Data Collection for tracking your yield, time, and disruptions.

Generative Task Assignment

Generative Task Assignment

If you’ve made a great plan, why not share it with your shop floor?

In Workbench, your production workers receive their daily tasks in a sequence generated from your plan in real time.

Moreover, they can report shop floor data such as throughput times, quantities, cause of disruptions, and scraps into system with devices like PCs, tablets, and smartphones. These data not only updates your plan, but will also be individually recorded for further analysis.

Bill Of Materials Management

Incorporate BOM list for key component management

Commenting function

Add critical article data and instruction for production process

Automated planning updates

Utilize shop floor feedback to update your plan in real time

Shop Floor TV

Display status updates on a large screen for all employees to see

Documenting with photos

Attach photos to document defects or disruptions.

Workbench’s interface is so simple that I can quickly report my progress and instantly see my next tasks on my tablet.

Shop Floor Worker

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