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See the following feedback from our partnering manufacturers, who successfully transformed their manufacturing processes with planeus and our services:

BMW Group

A Seamless Information Management Process

“Premium standards – It means paying attention to every single detail and all the small little things, meeting the highest standards in every aspect of design, precision, and quality.

From in-house toolmaking to on-site sampling, information management is the lifeline and pulse to our manufacturing business. All individuals, teams, departments and factories are in this together, and they all need to access the right information, at the right time.

planeus supports the BMW Group with:

  • an organizational structure that fits every requirement.
  • a fast and effective information acquisition process.
  • a tailor-made data curation and delivery for individuals of different posts.
  • a driving force for a better, more efficient manufacturing process.

planeus’s Planning Module helps BMW Group visualizes all the pending tasks and updates current status with crystal clear transparency. Employees from different teams can receive the latest and personalized data about their tasks and react to changes instantly. Besides its powerful features, planeus also comes with a welcoming design and intuitive interface, offering every team member a fast onboarding process on the software.

With the help of the uniform model of planeus, BMW Group can now further integrate its partners into the sampling process. The potential of future production planning is now more visible than ever.”

Deinzermetall GmbH

Paperless Job Management in Metal Processing

“The planeus team is a competent partner with whom we have taken the steps into digitization. We wanted to optimize our processes and work paperless, as well as be able to evaluate our production departments in a more precise and concrete way.

Thanks to the team’s outstanding support, the solution was successfully integrated into our system without any problems. Their training and onboarding sessions were exceptionally well-organized, and the guidance was so straightforward that we could start actively using the system in a short time.

As a sheet metal processing company, we must produce precisely processed bespoke products to reach the standards of our customers. In planeus, the Conflict Radar helps us to recognize early before scheduling conflicts arise; Its Assembly Module allows us to illustrate our complex components in a clear and structured tree diagram, and the Workbench Terminal enables us the power to process orders using as little paper as possible.

These specific features, alongside with planeus, have improved our processes in production, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with that.”

– Viktor Sorokin, Job Manager of Deinzermetall GmbH

engionic Fiber Optics GmbH

Significant Improvement on Production Scheduling and Capacity Management

“Due to the complexity of our workflows, our standards for production planning software were high. As a manufacturing company for fiber optic solutions and sensors, we have been looking for a solution that supports us in both production planning and manufacturing data collection.

Going through our software selection process was not an easy task, but planeus has done just that. In the end, because of its comprehensive overviews and user-friendly interface, we have chosen planeus as our working software.

Till this day, it has proved itself a worthwhile investment for our entire business, our organizational structure for production — and most notably, our teamwork.

planeus’s Workbench Module is a simple and well-suited solution for our manufacturing data collection purposes and thus has significantly improved the quality and quantity of the feedback from our workers.

From orders scheduling, to machine scheduling and capacity management, planeus has not only improved our structure planning and increased our production efficiency, but also further optimized our business operations. With planeus, we believe those developments would certainly remain so in the future.“

– Frau Dr. M. Kampling, CEO

JADE Sensortechnik GmbH

A Simple and Timesaving Solution for Production planning and Production Control

“The software is very self-explanatory and has since supported us both in production planning and production control.

Our sensors are one of the most crucial components for the automotive industry. Therefore, the production and assembly process of our sensors need to meet a high level of quality standards, which, of course, requires high-quality production planning.

With planeus, I can observe all the production processes and work steps at one glance — which helps me plan further in the future and meet our dates of delivery. As a matter-of-fact, after using planeus, I have rarely missed any of our deliveries, which, of course, enhances our customers’ satisfactions.

So once you’ve learned your ropes with planeus, production control becomes very simple: everything runs smoothly, and the best of all — according to plan!”

– Max Kluttig, Manager of Production Planning and Logistics

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