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The training and onboarding sessions were exceptionally well-organized, and the guidance was straightforward.

Viktor Sorokin, Job ManagerDeinzermetall GmbH

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Bespoke system conceptualization

product training

Targeted change management


Objective-oriented workshops

Joint data analysis & migration

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Having an unfitting solution is worse than having no solution at all.
You can always start a system test before purchasing any planeus systems, making sure the solution will suit your business needs.
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Advanced Test
  • Personalized data in a dedicated system
  • Custom process allocation with your input
  • Expert’s guidance to get the most out of the system
  • Hands-on planning with data provided by you
  • Special requirements upon request

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Proof of Concept
  • Personalized data and complex planning in a unrestricted and tailored system
  • Schedule complicated processes, including Actual Analysis & Target Concepts
  • Receive step-by-step training on optimal system creation and usage.
  • Conduct test scenarios for highly intricate use cases
  • Special requirements upon request

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