Planning with planeus

Turn your complex processes into a simple plan

Screenshot of the modern planeus software interface: planning view with Gantt chart

Understand your upcoming productions and organize your workers and machines with your algorithm-driven Gantt chart.

Automated Order Scheduling

Watch as your plan automatically comes together on your Gantt chart and forms your entire production timeline, so you can employ a selection of tools to refine your planning strategy and fulfill every production order on time.

Meet automated order scheduling: planeus will schedule your orders according to resource availability, provide you the best possible delivery dates, and end chaotic guesswork as well as production nightmares – once and for all.

Multi-level Assemblies

Construct multi-level assembly for complex articles with multiple components

Gap Lists

Incorporate inactive time into planning, for example, maintenance, sick leave, and vacations

Material Requirements

Automatically determine the quantity of material that must be available at a specific time

Finally, we can plan and allocate complex orders in an organized fashion.

Production Manager

Resource Allocation

Resource Allocation

You have full control of key resources such as machines, workers, and workstations. The Gantt chart reveals your scheduled orders and tasks and provides a clear view of all allocated resources.

planeus checks the workload of your resources and finds the best way to coordinate. Once successfully scheduled, planeus automatically generates the tasks and immediately notifies your shop floor for timely execution.

Multi-functional Resources

Manage machines and workers with multiple skills and properties to speed up your production process

Parallel Resources

Assure the availability of your tools, molds, and accessories by including them directly into your planning process

Capacity Utilization

Prevent resource overuse and underuse by monitoring their capacity and availability

At last, I can easily monitor the capacity utilization of the machines and workers at a glance!

Production Planner

Get sense of your bigger plan

Get sense of your bigger plan

Need to finish the CAD before mass production? Need approvals for your highly regulated products? Manufacturing is more than just production, and we’ve got you covered.

At the Project level, you can include key pre/post-production steps in your planning. So you can receive and send out accurate estimations such as possible start and due dates, take out the guesswork, and win your customer’s trust.

Now, I can track all my projects on my tablet and trace the progress with ease.

Project Manager

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