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Together with our global network of world-class solution providers, we enable you a full digital transformation process by integrating production planning into your existing system connections.

Frontline Operations Platform: Tulip

Tulip is the leading no-code frontline operations platform that empowers workers with interfaces to improve the productivity of shop floor operations. With planeus, you can proactively assign, allocate, and arrange Tulip Stations, Processes and Apps based on your resource availability, order urgency and production capacity.

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Cloud-based QMS and MES solutions: MasterControl

Used by authorities such as the US FDA, MasterControl is a globally recognized quality management system and MES provider specializing in quality compliance and documentation management. Integrated with MasterControl, planeus can enable complex planning even in quality-centric and highly regulated production processes.

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Cloud-based ERP Solution: weclapp

weclapp empowers your teams by streamlining work processes and advancing together. Whether it’s CRM, inventory management, or financial accounting, this all-in-one cloud-based ERP software covers critical business areas across various industries, providing a comprehensive workflow for efficient and productive operations.

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German ERP software for scaling companies: SOU

SOU AG is a top-tier ERP software provider tailored for medium-sized manufacturing sector companies. Operating from its bases in Schwetzingen and Dresden, the company boasts over 30 years of industry expertise. Over 350 customers trust its contemporary and adaptable ERP software for streamlining their operations.

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Cloud-based Inventory Management & ERP: Unleashed

Unleashed is a global business management, financial planning, and inventory control solution. Integrated with Unleashed, planeus can extend your manufacturing and inventory control ability and enable fully automated purchasing, sales, and manufacturing workflow.

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Cloud-based Machine Connectivity: symestic

symestic is a cloud specialist in machine and shop floor connectivity. With 25 years of competence, the company has been a leading machine management solution provider, excelling in automated data acquisition, machine KPIs, traceability, quality assurance, assembly, production, and process control.

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