The planeus Way

planeus is more than just Production Planning

planeus is Time-efficient

Fast implementation with minimum effort. planeus brings you into the digital manufacturing mindset right from the beginning.

Say goodbye to endless conference calls and clueless employees: We work from top-floor to shop-floor to carry out your vision in a digitalized manufacturing workflow.

Ready in
⌀ 6 weeks
No IT experts

planeus is Optimization

What works today – might not work tomorrow.
That’s why planeus helps your production constantly strive for the better by evaluating its past, present, and future, continuously finding your next production goal, and predicting the challenges that lie ahead.

+ 51%

Better on-time delivery rate

+ 58%

Higher machine utilization

+ 73%

Greater manufacturing quality

planeus is Secured

Your data security is our highest priority.
planeus is a Made-in-Germany industrial software that adheres to the strictest security standards.


ISO Certified
Data Centers

Server located
in Germany

Protected by
GDPR Compliance

Single Sign-On Authentication


Data Backup

planeus is Recommended

planeus is Trusted

Over 4,500 users use planeus worldwide to plan and control their production process every day.
Be in the age of modern manufacturing, and write your own success story today!

With planeus, we have taken the steps into digitization.

Viktor Sorokin, Job ManagerDeinzermetall GmbH

planeus’s graphical user interface visualized our plan with transparency on all pending tasks and current status.

Manager of Dimensional DeviationBMW Group Plant Munich
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