Future of your production at one glance

Production at your fingertips

Production at your fingertips

  • In-depth planning for all orders, employees and machines.
  • Seamless control on both production project and work step levels.
  • Schedule generation based on your deadlines and availability.

Resolve upcoming disasters

Screenshot of the planeus software dashboard: key figures on adherence to deadlines, capacity utilization, process efficiency, detailed lists, infographics

Resolve upcoming disasters

  • Receive disruption alerts for all production processes.
  • Prevent schedule collisions with an algorithmic conflict radar.
  • Foresee future production KPIs in all manufacturing departments.

Control real-time progress

Screenshot of the classic workbench: overview of all worker feedback with filter settings and informative icons on the status of the machines

Control real-time progress

  • Generate routing slips for digital shop floor data collection.
  • Equip your workers with related tasks/work steps displays
  • Trigger scheduling changes based on shop floor updates.

Maximize the potential

Explore missed opportunities

  • Visualize reports on productivity, machine performance, worker tasks, and more.
  • Make insightful decisions rooted in past production data.

Reveal new possibilities

Enable new possibilities

  • Create and compare What-If scenarios in risk-free environments.
  • Reveal and evaluate possible production improvements.

Multiply system values

Screenshot of the process of manually importing data into planeus. Automatic data import in the background.

Empower existing systems

  • Enable production planning and control with your current system.
  • Diversify importing options using file or database accesses.

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