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Production Planning for Unleashed Software

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What we bring to your Unleashed System:

These manufacturers all saw their growth in efficiency.
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Seamless Production Planning Workflow

Manage your Production Plan, Employees and Machines
  • Fast and sophisticated Production Management
  • Smart Production Scheduling with Delivery Dates and Resources
  • Industry-proven Forward and Backward Scheduling
Stop Production Disasters before they even happen
  • Conflicts Detection & Prevention
  • Filter Conflicts by types, e.g., “Missing Delivery Dates”
  • Conflict Radar: Stop Searching and Start Solving!
Screenshot of the classic workbench: overview of all worker feedback with filter settings and informative icons on the status of the machines
Digitize your Shop Floor to Cut Down Production Time
  • Personalized Insights for all workers
  • Data Attachment for all related and essential information
  • Real-time Shop Floor Feedback from your production
Deliver On-Time with your External Partners
  • Instant production feedback from your External Partners, e.g., Outsourcing and Contracting
  • Data Sharing with upstream and downstream partners
Screenshot of the planeus software dashboard: key figures on adherence to deadlines, capacity utilization, process efficiency, detailed lists, infographics
Foresee your Future KPIs and Increase Profibility
  • Predicted Manufacturng KPIs of your planned production from the next days, weeks, months and year
  • Direct updates from your Shop Floor and ERP system
Evaluate Factory Performance for Maximum Productivity
  • Visualization of production via data such as Machine Performance and Employee Workload
  • Advanced OEE and Target/Actual Comparisons
  • Highly-customisable Production Reports

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What we bring to you

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smartphone, and more


Advanced functionalities
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From software systems
to hardware tools

Tech Support & Advisory

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maintenance contracts

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